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Personalized social and emotional wellness for your whole family.

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More about Hubble

We believe that adults at home are the most important teachers in a child’s life. We want to empower families and help them build their capacity to teach social-emotional skills effectively.

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Based in Boston, Hubble Learning was founded with the support of a fellowship from the Harvard Graduate School of Education

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We personalize and adapt the learning to the child, and help you track progress

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Be surprised by how much you learn about what is deeply important to your child

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The app is available in English and Spanish

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21st Century Skills
critical for flourishing

Young people are studying for jobs that don't exist yet! According to various well-respected research, social-emotional skills, "Life Skills" or "Soft Skills" are a key part of happiness and life fulfillment. Hubble Learning offers a fun, gamified way to connect and work on #LifeSkills.


Screens aren't going away, leverage them for
togetherness & bonding

Kids ages 8-12 in the US spend on average 4.5 hours in front of screens per day (Common Sense Media census). Screens are not going away, but we can take advantage of screen time with Hubble Learning. We developed a fun space adventure game where you and your child are copilots that complete missions, strengthen your connection, and work on #LifeSkills.

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